June 22, 2011

WotG Windurst - Part 4

This video includes one of the most amazing, awe-inspiring scenes in all of FFXI. Hope you enjoy!

As usual, for full details, visit my original WotG post.

Watch WotG Windurst - Part 4

June 21, 2011

WotG Windurst - Part 3

Get your tissues ready for this one; WotG Windurst part 3 is now uploaded.

For full details, visit my original WotG post, which has been updated to reflect the new material. I have also updated this post to reflect my current progress on completing and recording these missions.

Watch WotG - Windurst Part 3

June 16, 2011

Three Men...

Bashraf, Wahboud and Foudeel... Oh My!

While I'm somewhat indifferent about this quest myself, it is frequently cited as one of the most loved in FFXI, and you gotta admit, there's a couple of great lines. Bill Withers reference anyone?

This video includes the cutscenes from the two related quests:
  • Got It All
  • Three Men and a Closet

Watch Three Men

June 14, 2011

A Shantotto Acension

She's the taru you love to hate;
Watch this video to learn her fate!

This video includes all the missions from the mini-expansion, including:
  • Burgeoning Dread
  • That Which Curdles Blood
  • Sugar-coated Directive
  • Enemy of the Empire
  • Sugar-coated Subterfuge
  • Shantotto in Chains
  • Fountain of Trouble
  • Battaru Royale
  • Romancing the Clone
  • Sisters in Arms
  • Project: Shantottofication
  • An Uneasy Peace

Watch A Shantotto Acension