March 30, 2008

This is my Story

As I mentioned in my first post, there are two videos not produced by me that I feel are simply amazing. Gizmo on the Pandemonium server has put together a snapshot of his journey through Vana'diel that I think is fairly representative of why we FFXI players feel so drawn to the game. It's not so much about the game itself as it is about the genuine bonds of friendship that are formed.

These videos are what the game is all about. You should certainly never forget all the wonderful adventures you’ve had, but more importantly, remember those you shared them with.

These videos are truly EXCEPTIONAL. Even though I have no idea of the words or where they’re from, Gizmo’s selection of music is simply outstanding, and the way he matched the mood in the songs to the scenes is phenomenal. If you’ve experienced even a fraction of these moments for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be moved, and they might just bring a tear to your eye.

If you read Japanese, you might want to check out Gizmo's site:

Here is the video from 2005:

Watch This is my story 2005

Here is the video from 2006:

Watch This is my story 2006

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