August 7, 2008

Wings of the Goddess

I am still making my way through FFXI's last full expansion, but the story essentially gives us a glimpse into the history of Crystal War, with a twist. Things aren't happening the way they're supposed to, and somehow a mysterious cat figures into things. What is the link between Atomos, emptiness, creation, and the Champions of the Dawn?

Part 1 of the WotG Missions include:
1 - Cavernous Maws
2 - Back to the Beginning
3 - Cait Sith
4 - The Queen of the Dance
5 - While the Cat is Away
6 - A Timeswept Butterfly
7 - Purple, The New Black
8 - In the Name of the Father

Watch WotG Missions Part 1

Part 2 of the WotG Missions include:
9 - Dancers in Distress
10 - Daughter of a Knight
11 - A Spoonful of Sugar
12 - Affairs of State
13 - Borne by the Wind
14 - A Nation on the Brink
15 - Crossroads of Time

Watch WotG Missions Part 2

Part 3 of the WotG Missions include:
16 - Sandswept Memories
17 - Northland Exposure
18 - Traitor in the Midst
19 - Betrayal at Beaucedine
20 - On Thin Ice
21 - Proof of Valor
22 - A Sanguinary Prelude
23 - Dungeons and Dancers
24 - Distorter of Time
25 - The Will of the World
26 - Fate in Haze

Watch WotG Missions Part 3

Part 4 of the WotG Missions will include
27 - The Scent of Battle
28 - Another World
29 - A Hawk in Repose
30 - The Battle of Xarcabard
31 - Prelude to a Storm
32 - Storm's Crescendo
33 - Into the Beast's Maw
34 - The Hunter Ensnared
35 - Flight of the Lion
36 - Fall of the Hawk
37 - Darkness Descends
38 - Adieu, Lilisette
(missions completed; will record in near future)

Part 5 of the WotG Missions will include
39 - By the Fading Light
40 - Edge of Existence
41 - Her Memories
42 - Forget Me Not
43 - Pillar of Hope
44 - Glimmer of Life
45 - Time Slips Away
46 - When Wills Collide
47 - Whispers of Dawn
48 - A Dreamy Interlude
49 - Cait in the Woods
50 - Fork in the Road
51 - Maiden of the Dusk
52 - Where It All Began
53 - A Token of Troth
54 - Lest We Forget
(missions completed; will record in near future)

WoTG Quests:
In addition to the mainline missions, each nation has it's own independent storyline, which I have recorded separately.


Political strife between the Galka and Humes are at an all time high, and now the murder of an official only aggravates matters. See the relationship between friends Werei and Gumbah, and the rivalry between Volker and Zeid.

Part 1: Quests in this video include
1 - The Fighting Fourth
2 - Better Part of Valor
3 - Fires of Discontent
4 - Light in the Darkness
5 - Burden of Suspicion

Watch WotG - Bastok Part 1

Part 2: Quests in this video include
6 - Storm on the Horizon
7 - Fire in the Hole

Watch WotG - Bastok Part 2

Part 3: Quests in this video include
8 - Quelling the Storm
9 - Honor Under Fire

Watch WotG - Bastok Part 3

Part 4: Quests in this video will include
10 - Beneath the Mask
11 - What Price Loyalty
(I have completed the quests; will record in near future)

Part 5: Quests in this video will include
12 - The Truth Lies Hid
13 - Bonds of Mythril
(quests started but not yet completed)

San d'Oria

This story features the adventures of the Young Giffons, a group of rambunctious kids unsatisfied with the way adults handle affairs of war. What does the future hold for Excenmille and Rahal?

Part 1: Quests in this video include
1 - Steamed Rams
2 - Gifts of the Griffon
3 - Claws of the Griffon
4 - Boy and the Beast
5 - Wrath of the Griffon

Watch WotG - San d'Oria Part 1

Part 2: Quests in this video include
6 - Perils of the Griffon
7 - In a Haze of Glory

Watch WotG - San d'Oria Part 2

Part 3: Quests in this video include
8 - The Price of Valor
9 - Bonds That Never Die

Watch WotG - San d'Oria Part 3

Part 4: Quests in this video include
10 - Songbirds in a Snowstorm
11 - Blood of Heroes

Watch WotG - San d'Oria Part 4

Part 5: Quests in this video will include
12 - Chasing Shadows
13 - Face of the Future
(quests completed; will record in near future)

Also, by special request, here is a short clip featuring Excenmille's Dynamic Entry from Wrath of the Griffon:

Watch DynamicEntry


The Yagudo will stop at nothing to destroy the Tarutaru, but all efforts to prevent disaster are being lead by the Warlock Warlord, with the help of the Ministers, Mithra Mercenaries, a young Ajido-Marujido, and... a Mithra male?!?

Part 1: Quests in this video include
1 - Snake on the Plains
2 - The Tigress Stirs
3 - The Tigress Strikes
4 - Knot Quite There
5 - A Manifest Problem

Watch WotG - Windurst Part 1

Part 2: Quests in this video include
6 - When One Man is Not Enough
7 - A Feast for Gnats

Watch WotG - Windurst Part 2

Part 3: Quests in this video include
8 - The Long March North
9 - The Forbidden Path

Watch WotG - Windurst Part 3

Part 4: Quests in this video will include
10 - Sins of the Mothers
11 - Howl from the Heavens

Watch WotG Windurst - Part 4

Part 5: Quests in this video will include
12 - Manifest Destiny
13 - At Journey's End
(quests started but not yet completed)

For ease of reference and to keep them all in one location, as new missions and quests are released, I will edit this post and add them here, but I'll make sure to make an update post as well.


TMan said...

I just want to say thanks for all the efforts put into this. What a great storyline FFXI has.

irreversibly said...

Hi! Talked to you before about these (closer to two years ago maybe?), thanks once again for the hard work. :) Do you have any plans of continuing this project anymore?

lawtechguy said...

Yes! As a matter of fact, I was hoping to do some recording over Memorial Day weekend. I'm afraid I haven't made much progress on WotG missions since the last update, but I will at least post the full past Sandy story through Wrath of the Griffon (instead of just that short clip), and I have decided to go ahead and record the Bastok missions. I have a few other quests I plan to record, including the ones on the ToAU generals. I am also on the last ACP quest, so I'll put those up when I'm done (even though that story wasn't too great). All in all, I do have plans to continue, I've just been busy with leveling DRK and doing other events like limbus. I also have been having trouble getting a group willing to static with me through WotG, so we'll see about that; maybe things will change once SE releases the full expansion.

irreversibly said...

That's awesome! Thank you, and take your time. :D

Butterbridge said...

This is awesome. I quit and came back to FFXI a few times and finally had to leave but was always upset I never experienced the storyline. Thanks for putting in so much effort in the videos!! ^^
I myself was a San d'Orian Hume but have come to love Windurst and Bastok too :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, the WotG Sandy missions are up! You sir, are my her.

Anonymous said...

hero, that's hero.

Andrew said...

Wow, it's good to see you're planning on doing the Bastok missions as well.

lawtechguy said...

Bastok is all recorded and is currently in production. Look for it sometime in the next week or so. ^^

Andrew said...

Yay! It's like christmas, I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

WoW i never knew about this site before i basically downloaded every single video in this web! you have covered pretty much everything story wise in FFXI "Nations/main story/expansions"

Do you plan to update your WOTG videos?

Thanks again !

lawtechguy said...

Thanks. I am slowly progressing through WotG and am almost up to the most recently released missions. I'll probably record Missions 8-15 in the near future. I'm a little behind on Windy as I'm stuck on Q7 BC fight looking for other people to do it with. I'm on Q9 for Bastok and Q8 for Sandy.
In any case, they will come eventually, it's just a matter of time in when I can get to it and find others to help with the fights.
I'm also still sitting on ACP11 and MKD10, so those will make it up once they are finally finished as well.

Ava said...

These are great :)

Hope to see more soon

Anonymous said...

Great job!

I had to quit the game a couple of years back, and only managed to get part way through WotG expansion before I left.

I recently returned, but to my dismay it had been so long since I last undertook a mission, I couldnt remember the storyline and what had happened before.

Thanks to you I've had a nice refresher upto my current mission, and now feel ready to get stuck back into the missions again.

(Those Goblin footprints, and CS NPCs are way more work than they needed to be!)