June 22, 2011

WotG Windurst - Part 4

This video includes one of the most amazing, awe-inspiring scenes in all of FFXI. Hope you enjoy!

As usual, for full details, visit my original WotG post.

Watch WotG Windurst - Part 4


Andrew said...

My hard drive died a few months back. It's gonna take forever to redownload all of your videos. It'll be worth it though.

lawtechguy said...

Just so you know, once I finish getting Sandy parts 3 & 4 and Bastok part 4, it will probably be a while before I have more WotG vids since I still have to play through the missions. It looks like I might be able to solo some fights, but finding help for the others my be difficult since everyone is Abyssea-happy and I have yet to find a new linkshell since my return.

Will V said...

Heya Lawtechguy, I'm wondering if you've considered using youtube as your distribution?

I don't know how long it's been, but youtube got rid of the 15 minute limit, and you can upload huge file-sized lenghty videos without the need of a Director account.

Just throwing that out there.

lawtechguy said...

Considering the amount of time it takes to upload just one video (has to go overnight to a full day and eats up my bandwidth to where I can't do anything else online), I really have no intention of switching 50+ files to a new site unless Veoh shuts down. I still remember the pain it was to do that when Vuze got rid of user videos, and originally when Stage6 shut down. Even though I still occasionally have problems with the uploads to Veoh, overall I'm pretty happy with how it works. And I want people to come to my blog to see the commentary anyway.

I'm still kinda pissed at what SovereignSociety707 did to my vids by chopping them all up, which completely defeats the point of what I was trying to accomplish, namely to tell a full story (or at least a substantial portion or chapter) in a single video so you didn't have to click on multiple links. He also only credits me for a few of them, and he never even bothered to request my consent to his scheme.

Vana_Watcher said...

I'm glad to see a continues progress, including WotG and (the last of the three) extra chapter.

I actually played with the thought of uploading all of your XI releated cutscenes to MU, and link them here in a comment (as an alternative to Veoh, since it is just a pain).
But I gave up on that idea, as I was noticing some downloads from veoh were corrupted while downloading (rarley, but if, than some seconds somewhere inbetween), leading actually to stutter and short distortions (nothing you want to expect for a general audience).

It would be very helpful, if you could provide CRC files (like created with "QuickSFV", md5) of your original files, so I could check which of them were actually corrupted (during my download process).
Even if it would be for my personal use (it's exhausting to check through every re-download, to re-check for artifacts), it would be useful.

Feel free to share your thoughts on that.
And thanks for your "hobby shares". ;)

Ava said...

Glad to see your still at it!

Anonymous said...

Please keep them coming, we all appreciate your work a lot! Cheers!

lawtechguy said...

They are coming; I promise. I've finally started doing the missions again and am just about on the last fight for the main story. For quests, Sandy is done (but obviously not recorded). Right now it's just a matter of finding the time to do the recording and editing. I can't say when they'll be done, but they will be coming.

I am waiting to record the Aht Urghan generals until I round out a few new outfits, since I want those to reflect the newer AF3 gear for my jobs.

Beyond that, there's not much. Abyssea has a little story, which I may record, but it's mostly a straightforward "save us / thank you" for each zone. I still have some progress to make on that yet before I can really think about starting to record those.

Thanks for your patience, guys.