December 19, 2009

Videos Temporarily Unavailable

Well, folks, it seems as though once again my publishing site of choice has abandoned me. First it was Stage6, which completely shut down in early 2008, which prompted me to create this blog in the first place. Now it's Vuze, which is no longer accepting user-generated content as of December 1, 2009. In fact, it appears that none of my videos are available from Vuze anymore, which is why all my links and embedded previews are now broken. I'm sorry it took me a while to figure out what was going on.

So now I must re-evaluate where I can host my videos. At this point, I may try to go back to Veoh, since a couple of my vids are already there. Or I may explore some other options like BlipTV. If other people know of some good sites that accept very long, HD videos (at least up to 3 hours and 4 GB in size), please leave a comment. One of the things I will miss about Vuze was the Peer-to-Peer aspect which allowed the videos to be downloaded quite rapidly compared to other sites.

I had planned to try to do some recording of new videos over the holidays, but I doubt that will happen now since I have to re-upload all the previous videos. Rest assured, I do plan to continue this project, at least through completion of WotG, even if it means hanging in there after FFXIV comes out. Thank you everyone for you patience and support through this disappointing time.

Oh, and thanks a lot, Vuze; you sure do know how to give people a Merry Christmas.....


irreversibly said...

Oh man, sorry to hear that. :( I'm not familiar with such sites so can't even recommend anything, but hopefully you'll find something suitable.
Great to hear that you're still at it though.

Kaycia said...

I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you've done so far! I've been following your blog for a very long time now, and I'm very pleased to hear that you're going to stick with it all the way until the end.

It's unfortunate that Vuze is no longer working out, but I just wanted to convey my gratitude in this little response so that you DON"T GET DISCOURAGED. As far as I'm concerned, I don't mind having to wait more time for the rest of the videos. This is because you have already proven the quality of your work time and time again. Any wait will definitely be worth it, so stick in there :)

As a dedicated Final Fantasy fan, it's always fun to go back and replay every one of the main titles (all the way back to Final Fantasy I), but, in the future, it will likely be impossible to go back and replay all of FFXI-- and so that's why your project will end up being a treasure that I will end up cherishing for my entire life.

You rock!

lawtechguy said...

Thanks for the support, guys. Kaycia, that's exactly the reason I started this project, too. I'm just glad I can share with everyone else.

I've resumed uploading to Veoh for now. It's not the best quality when you stream, and the embedded players don't seem to work right on this blog, even with the Veoh player installed. Downloading is still the best option to preserve quality.

Given these drawbacks, I may still upload to another site. Really I just wanted to get them up somewhere quickly for now, but I think I'll probably try to have them hosted on 2-3 different providers just in case I get screwed over again.

Anonymous said...

For people like me who no longer have access to FFXI your videos are the best

i hope you continue the project at least till wotg is complete :)

Have you tried uploading in Youtube? it accepts 1080p videos and 2GB limit for each file but you got to cut your videos to 10min each and many people will have access to your videos in youtube

lawtechguy said...

Absolutely under no circumstances will I ever host on YouTube. The whole point of this project was to put all cutscenes together in a single video so you can watch a whole story in one go without clicking on a ton of individual videos. So even though they now host large HD files, the 10 minute time limit is a complete deal-breaker for me.

There are plenty of other places you can find cutscene videos for each cutscene one at a time (ffxiclopedia, allakhazam, etc.), but I take pride in knowing I'm the only one who has edited them all together into a single cohesive video for each story.

TMan said...

Thanks for continuing the project, and wish you a happy new year 2010!

Andrew said...

As someone who's been following this blog since the beginning, it's always great to see an update, even if it's somewhat bad news.

It's good to see you're still working on this. I eagerly await the rest of WotG, and hopefully the three mini expansions.....if you're up to it.

Anyway, thanks for your great contributions to the Final Fantasy fandom as always.

Ava said...

yay :) Your work is awesome!

Glad to hear it :)

(Are you going to to do ToAU?)

Andrew said...

He already did ToAU.

lawtechguy said...

ToAU was done; I'm just still in the process of having to get everything re-uploaded to Veoh because of the Vuze issues.

Luciferu said...

Thank you so much for your tremendous work, I've dowloaded almost all your videos and I enjoyed watching them for the nostalgy.

Since I quit FFXI, I'm really looking forward WOTG completion (missions and quests) and thanks to you, my dream will come true.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your edited and high quality videos. We'll all cheering you!

Ava said...

so it was! I missed it some how.

Awesome!! Thanks :D