January 18, 2010

Videos now on Veoh

All right, it took a month, but all of my videos are finally fully uploaded on Veoh now. A couple of notes about the new host:

1. For videos longer than 30 minutes, if you want to watch the full video rather than just a 5 minute preview, you need download/install the Veoh Web Player. There is a link over on the right side of my blog, or you can let the website prompt you.

2. Full-screen viewing using Veoh's built-in viewers will display in lower quality than the original movies. For best results, I recommend downloading the entire videos using the Web Player, then opening up the downloaded file using Windows Media Player, DivX Player, or some other viewer. Since the videos are all .divx files, you'll need the DivX codec. There is a link on the right of this page to download the codec if you don't already have it.

3. If you are trying to view the videos using the embedded viewer on this blog, and it won't work, there is a link directly below each video for where you can go to view/download directly on the Veoh website. I am not sure why the embedded viewers seem to work on some computers / browsers and not on others.

4. In the future (no definite ETA on this yet), I may be adding additional host sites where you can go to download the videos. I'll add these locations directly below the embedded players.


As for new installments of the videos, I did start recording some new cutscenes. Unfortunately, I've discovered that my current editing software, DivX Author, will not work correctly on a 64-bit operating system. This means I will either have to use an older, less powerful machine to do my encoding/publishing, or I'm going to need to find a new program. Since part of the reason I just invested so much in my new computer (i7 processor, 6 GB RAM, GeForce GTS 250 gpu) was to speed up the editing/publishing of my videos, I don't want to resort to the first option. Right now I'm in the process of evaluating Pinnacle Studio 14, and I'm hopeful that will be the right solution. If anyone would like to suggest some other software that's not terribly expensive (preferably around $50, definitely not more than $100), please feel free to comment. As an FYI, Windows Movie maker severely restricts the output quality so that's not an option. Also, I tried using VirtualDub in the past and could never really figure it out :/

Until then, thank you everyone for your support. I'm hoping to bring you some new material soon.


Andrew said...

Looking forward to the new material. Hope you find a new program soon.

Luciferu said...

That was fast, you're incredible!

Can't wait for your future videos!

lawtechguy said...

Wow, I can't believe how much Pinnacle quality actually sucks, even when choosing DivX output. None of the output to file options are comparable to what I had been putting out before.

Good news is that I looked into the makers of DivX Author, which is TMPG, and they just happen to have a newer encoder version compatible w/ Win7 64-bit. It's $100, but the trial version seems to be doing all I want it to. Transitions and titles would be nice, but I'd rather have high quality without that than lower quality with it.

So overall, I think I've solved my problem and can get back on track with the new stuff!

gv said...

Hey, just wanted to chime in and say great work so far! You are a godsend to ex-FFXI players that can no longer play the game.

I personally think Veoh was a nice choice. I'm able to put all of your vids into a queue and download one at a time without killing my intarweb speed like Vuze did to me when I DL'd your CoP series a while back.

Keep it up man! I look forward to your future work.

ps. You should post your site around allakhazam or other FFXI related sites. I'm sure there are many more people like me that can no longer play/have the means to complete the story, but would enjoy watching it in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to do the others? It's been half-a-year already. Or is it really taking that long to play through Crystalline Prophecy or Shantotto Ascension?

Santoron said...

I've nearly completed downloading all your videos (think I'm down to the last two) and I can't thank you enough for all the hard work represented in these collections. They're magnificent and my wife enjoys sitting down in the evening and watching one as much as I do. Truly a wonderful way to relive some of our favorite journeys, and to see what's been happening since we left with the arrival of our first child.

I am a bit concerned about how long it's been since you've made a post. I know these videos must be very time consuming, and I'm certainly not rushing you, but a short post letting us know you're doing well and the state of the project would be most appreciated.

I'll be checking in regularly once I've completed the current collection, and hope for some news soon!

lawtechguy said...

As far as ACP, I'm 0/8 on the final fight and was continually unsuccessful getting a winning team for it. I pretty much got tired of climbing the damn tower. I was on the final fight for ASA but never found anyone to do it with.

I was making steady progress on other missions and did have part 2 of each of the WotG stories ready, but after trying to upload them half a dozen times to Veoh and constantly getting errors, I pretty much gave up. I took time away to play FF13 which I had a blast with, and I've been spending time on other pursuits which I have put off for too long.

So, I haven't been playing for the last 2 months, and at this point I think I'm ready to move on with my life. FFXI has been an amazing experience, but all good things must come to an end. Although I didn't delete anything, I did cancel my content IDs. I haven't completely ruled out coming back, perhaps after all of WotG is finally released, but I truly have no desire to level any jobs to the new level cap being implemented.

So bottom line, this project is in complete limbo. I wish I could say that the remaining videos are coming eventually, but I just can't make any promises.

Best of luck to everyone and thank you for your support.

Sephiroth7734 said...

Well, have you ever considered just splitting them into smaller parts and putting them on youtube? ACP and ASA I can live without, but I'd really like to know the whole story for WotG. It'd mean a lot to me. Dunno if you've heard of it, but I'm the author of a 2-year-running webcomic called Domus Facina, which stars Final Fantasy villains as its cast members. Shadow Lord is already in it, and Eald'narche and Nag'molada are scheduled for inclusion as well. So as you can see, it's important that I learn the stories behind FF11's villains in order to keep my readers happy.
However, if you were to know of another place where I can easily view all of the WotG missions, feel free to redirect me.