September 1, 2010

A Crystalline Prophecy

Picking back up with the mini-expansions released last year, A Crystalline Prophecy brings the lore of Memoria de la Ŝtona full circle, re-uniting Aldo with his long lost sister when Vana'diel is faced with an other-worldly threat.

This video includes all the missions from the mini-expansion, including:
  • The Echo Awakens
  • Gatherer of Light
  • Those Who Lurk in Shadows
  • Remember Me in Your Dreams
  • Born of Her Nightmares
  • Banishing the Echo
  • Ode of Life Bestowing

Watch A Crystalline Prophecy

The final fight of this add-on was a real bitch for me, requiring numerous attempts with many different setups over the course of about a year. In the end, I think we won with only one person left alive at a couple hundred HP left. Many thanks to my comrades at Got Jugs for bringing these missions to a close.

Of course, even though I finished and recorded the cutscenes a couple of months ago, Veoh continues to be tempermental about accepting my large divx files. I finally lucked out with a random attempt to upload this week, so here you are.

As for the overall project and my playtime, I had a couple of months this summer where I got back in the swing of WotG, but my schedule caught up with me again, especially given the new job I started recently. My future play time is therefore in limbo, and my highest job is still only 76, but I am at least planning on spending some time this holiday weekend editing part three of the missions (#16-26) and trying to record parts three and four of the nation quests through Q11, which have all been completed except Bastok - What Price Loyalty. As for Shantotto, the final fight is every bit as annoying as ACP and I'm 0/3.

Oh, and in case ya'll are wondering, while I did reserve a blog space for FFXIV, I'm really not sure if that's gonna happen or not, especially with FFXI not even done, but you never know.


Andrew said...

So you're back from hiatus? Awesome. Looking forward to more in the future.

Ava said...

Yay :)

Glad to see another video from you. I've been considering ffxiv also, but considering I dont have time for ffxi, I can't see how ffxiv would be much different :(

Anonymous said...

OMG thank you
Can't wait for you to complete wotg :)

Dachimotsu said...

Glad to see you're still with us LTG!
Although I miss seeing Barts' bald head...
Y'know you're the first person to upload ALL the missions for ACP? Most only upload the opening and ending scenes.

Vana'diel_Watcher said...

Thank you so much for continuing.
Especially for those, that were not present for the mini expansions anymore, like myself. It's very interesting to see the last bits of story arcs (that would have been the only reason for me to play), and I enjoyed your previous quality work.
If Veoh wouldn't need its own, stupid player...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, and very much appreciated. Its clear a ton of effort has gone into these videos, and I can't thank you enough. I left the game mid-WotG, so am eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds. Hope to see more from you soon, and thanks again. I'll be sure to let my buds know about this site.

Dachimotsu said...

You still with us, LTG?

Andrew said...

I'm sure he is. Several months with no updates has been normal over the past few years. He always comes back though.

Dachimotsu said...

He's almost done, anyway. All that remains is the conclusion to WoTG and A Shantotto Ascension.
Then he can move on to FF14!

Anonymous said...

Moving on to FF14 might be the last straw that breaks him...

lawtechguy said...

Andrew said...

"I'm sure he is. Several months with no updates has been normal over the past few years. He always comes back though."

Indeed. Work has been hectic, and I haven't played much, but I have finally come back again and will have some new videos in the near future.