June 18, 2010

Wings of the Goddess - Part 2

These videos were recorded and prepared several months ago, but due to technical issues, I was unable to get them uploaded to Veoh. After some recent software updates, I am finally able to bring them to you.

For full details on the cutscenes contained in these videos, please consult my original WotG post, which has been updated to reflect the new material.

Watch WotG Missions Part 2

Watch WotG - Bastok Part 2

Watch WotG - San d'Oria Part 2

Watch WotG - Windurst Part 2

As I've mentioned in several comment responses, the future of this project is currently in limbo due to ongoing real life issues over the past several months. Simply put, I'm not a kid with endless amounts of time to sink into MMORPGs. While I have recently reactivated my content IDs and have returned to FFXI, my schedule is more unpredictable than ever and I cannot make any definite commitments on future installments at this time. With new updates and level cap increases, there is so much happening in game that it's often difficult to simply try to find people willing to help me through the fights. My only request from my fans is that if you play on the Shiva server, or know others that do, {Help me out!}. The faster I can actually get through the missions, the quicker I get the scenes recorded and edited.

I appreciate everyone's enthusiastic support for this project over the years and certainly hope I'll be able to bring you more in the months ahead.


Andrew said...

It's good to hear that you're still working on it, regardless of the speed. I'll try to find Shiva players to help you out.

Dachimotsu said...

If I ever get an FF11 account, I'll gladly help you out. Just know that I'll be a noob.

DJ Loki said...

I love your vids.
I tried to do this years ago (right after ToAU was released) and ran into the same problems you are having. The lack of community interest in helping people clear old content was definitely my biggest problem.
Hope you continue with this hard work, we're all waiting anxiously for the next vids.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for uploading these videos ! you are so close to complete the entire FF11 story :) as far as i know FF11 story wise should be complete this September.

I hope you get to complete the game so us who quit a while ago can see the story ending :)

Ava said...

Certainly understand your predicament. I've been in much the same for a while now, which is why I've been so happy to enjoy your videos. Even though I very much enjoy ffxi, I simply don't have the time I once did.