April 6, 2008

Chains of Promathia

I personally love the Chains of Promathia expansion and think it has one of the best plots of any RPG I've ever played. Like many other players, I owe a debt of gratitude to Erecia's "For Glory" guide, without which I'd probably still be trying to figure out how access Tavnazian Safehold. Additionally, I am excited about Erecia's new project to compile the written transcript of the CoP story. It's still in development, but I urge people to check it out: Memoria de la S'tona

These videos have been divided up by Chapter, with a separate video for the Epilogue. Also, as those who have completed CoP know, the final cutscene is actually a full FMV, the only one in all of FFXI. The song “Distant Worlds” (lyrics below) will for many remain the ultimate memory of this wonderful experience.

Chapter 1: Ancient Flames Beckon

Watch CoP_Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Isle of Forgotten Saints

Watch CoP_Chapter 2

Chapter 3: A Transient Dream

Watch CoP_Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The Cradles of Children Lost

Watch CoP_Chapter 4

Chapter 5: The Return Home

Watch CoP_Chapter 5

Chapter 6 - Echoes of Time

Watch CoP_Chapter 6

Chapter 7 - In the Light of the Crystal

Watch CoP_Chapter 7

Chapter 8 - Emptiness Bleeds

Watch CoP_Chapter 8

Epilogue – The Chains Fall Free

Watch CoP_Epilogue


Seas invite in the evening sun
To light the somber abyss
Clouds dance up with the heavens' stars
Chanting an air of joyous bliss

Water fades back from blue to jade
Guiding young rainbows high
Flowers bloom into red and whites
Quenching our hearts when they run dry

Angels chained by a beast locked in slumber
Sin washed away by the swift flow of time

I may know the answers
Journeys over snow and sand
What twist in fate has brought us
To tread upon this land?

Blessed by light and the burden of shadow
Souls abide to an endless desire

I may know the answers
Though one question I still hear
What twist in fate has brought us
To roads that run so near?

Distant worlds together
Miracles from realms beyond
The lifelight burns inside me
To sing to you this song
To sing with you this song
To sing to you your song

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Menthe said...

Thank you for posting the lyrics to Distant worlds. ^^