April 19, 2008

Goldmane & Louverance

Several quests share the stories of various side characters from the CoP storyline. Two in particular share a very close relationship with each other

The first video presented here is the story of a young girl named Sanctia who sets out to find the legendary bounty hunter that captured Atarefaunet. This is a compilation of cutscenes from two quests - "Chasing Dreams" and "The Search for Goldmane".

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The second video is a compilation of cutscenes from the quests "Signed in Blood” and “Tea with a Tonberry”. These quests give additional background into the characters of Louverance and Atarefaunet.

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This story ties into the Goldmane quests, as well as CoP missions 3-3, 5-3, 7-2, and the epilogue. It is also somewhat related to the flashbacks in the 4-1 magicite missions. The identity of the two Louverances (one in red mask, one in purple) is one of the more confusing plot-lines in CoP. However, based on the information from these various sources, I pieced together the following:

The real Louverance (in the purple mask) is the grandson of Francmage Mistalle, who died mysteriously in Bostaunieux Oubliette after coming back from the northlands allied expedition. His family used to own Carpenter’s Landing but was stripped of its land and title after challenging another family to a duel, which is against San d’Orian law.

The new count of Carpenter’s Landing was Teulomme. He had ties with Atarefaunet’s Band, but when the leader was captured by Goldmane (Vukki-Chebukki), Teulomme tried to poison Atarefaunet to prevent him from revealing secrets about his customers. Atarefaunet used this opportunity to fake his death and escape the San d’Orian prisons. Atarefaunet then stole Louverance’s identity and donned a red mask. Atarefaunet attempted to use this false identity to take revenge on Teulomme and steal his lands back from him.

The “Louverance” in the red mask that features prominently in the Chains of Promathia missions is therefore actually Atarefaunet. This explains why Honoi-Gomoi gives him the Mimeo Mirror (the taru admitted ties to Atarefaunet in Chapter 3-3), and it also explains the history between the red-masked “Louverance” and Vukki-Chebukki (Goldmane) in CoP Chapter 5-3, and why Vukki threatens to notify the San d’Orian authorities. However, when the real Louverance (purple mask) attempted to interfere and re-claim his identity, Atarefaunet tried to set a trap for him in Carpenter’s Landing (which you end up foiling in Chapter 7). In the end, Atarefaunet challenges Louverance to a duel so as to fake his death yet again and don a new identity as a San d’Orian priest, and perhaps restore the Remevel name.

Incidentally, I also found out that Atarefaunet’s Band plays a role in the THF AF quests (which I don’t plan on doing) and that Atarefaunet may have adopted the identity of Vauderame, who plays a role in the San d’Orian rank missions and the quest “A Timely Visit”. For some interesting discussion, visit:



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