April 19, 2008

Mithra Trackers

Yet another set of side quests to CoP provide additional story related to the Mithra Trackers, which were sent to the middle lands to accomplish three things:

- subdue the wyrms that threaten the world with destruction (Shikaree X)
- learn more of the sleeping gods who supposedly hold the power to obliterate the emptiness (Shikaree Y)
- discover the location of Mildaurion, who knows the method to awaken the deities (Shikaree Z)

While the CoP missions themselves deal primarily with Shikaree Z, the quests "Tuning In" and "Tuning Out" give a great deal of information into Shikaree Y's investigation. Specifically, this video provides yet more background for the Dark Divinity (see the NPC Fellowship quests).

Watch TuningIn+Out

The other quest presented here ties in the Trackers with Goldmane, and gives a brief glimpse of Tiamat in her rage. This video is a compilation of the cutscenes from "One Good Deed".

Watch OneGoodDeed

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