April 3, 2008

San d'Oria Rank Missions

I still can't believe that of all the nation ranks I finished San d'Oria first. I originally started out as Bastok and then pretty early on switched to Windurst after getting to rank 4. I stayed as Windy for a long, long time, getting up to rank 8, and then stalled out. Honestly, I never even thought I'd do Sandy missions at all, and I was somewhat reluctant to give up my complete set of outpost warps. But once a friend decided to pick up with his Bastok missions, I switched back, caught up to him at Rank 6, and then got to Rank 7 before the plan got disrupted and the holiday season struck. I then decided to get a head start on the "basic" Sandy missions through Rank 5, and then encountered another friend that pushed me through the rest of them to get my first Rank 10.

This video is a compilation of the cutscenes from the San d’Oria rank missions, excluding those that only deal with the Shadow Lord and aren’t integral to understanding the primary story. For the rest of the pre-Rank5 scenes, see the Shadow Lord missions video. As before, I had to be a little creative with piecing together some of these scenes, as not all scenes are available for replay from bards and goblin footprints. Accordingly, the sequence of events may be slightly different from the order it is actually experienced, but I tried to put everything together in a way that made the most sense based on the scenes I was able to record.

The Sandy missions provide background into the legendary sword Lightbringer and the fall of Tavnazia. While I am a big fan of the Windurst storyline, Sandy probably has the best "capstone" final scene of all the nations.

Watch FFXI San d'Oria Missions

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