April 3, 2008

Shadow Lord Missions

Who can forget fighting their first real BCNM against a dragon? Or for finally defeating the re-incarnated menace from the Crystal War? While the story is simple, these missions form the backbone of the FFXI universe, uniting players from all nations against a common cause.

This video is a compilation of cutscenes from the rank missions common to all nations, which follows the main storyline of the return of the Shadow Lord. While this video tells that story primarily from the Windurst perspective, Bastok and San d’Oria present the same scenes with some minor differences. Scenes that are specific to each nation that are not critical to understanding the main Shadow Lord plot are not included here.

I had to be a little creative with piecing together some of these scenes. Since certain scenes are not actually available for replay from bards and goblin footprints, the sequence of events from mission 2-3 and rank 4 (magicite) is slightly different from the way it is actually experienced, but I thought the way I pieced it together made the most sense based on the scenes I was able to record.

Watch FFXI Shadow Lord Missions

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