April 4, 2008

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

While perhaps not as epic in scope as CoP, the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion presented a significant amount of story. There was definitely something to be desired as far as challenge goes – most of the "missions" were just cutscenes, and of the relatively small number of actual battles, only the last few really presented any difficulty. Still, ToAU gave us many memorable characters. Who will ever forget Naja and her "spiky friend"? Hey, at least she eventually gives back the glory crown.

My thanks go to both of the two statics I was a part of who through twists of fate completed the final mission on the same night:
Forbin, Kaimoria, Nolispe, Jonin, and Deyan
Aresfury, Jakaal, Nuclearmayhem, Zaephyr, and Koe
also to both Sophus and Yukonjack for stepping in to fill open spots in the 2nd group when Koe left
Here is a synopsis of how the missions are broken down for these videos:

ToAU01 - Land of Sacred Serpents
ToAU02 - Immortal Sentries
ToAU03 - President Salaheem
ToAU04 - Knight of Gold
ToAU05 - Confessions of Royalty
ToAU06 - Easterly Winds
ToAU07 - Westerly Winds
ToAU08 - A Mercenary Life
ToAU09 - Undersea Scouting
ToAU10 - Astral Waves
ToAU11 - Imperial Schemes

Watch ToAU_Part1

ToAU12 - Royal Puppeteer
ToAU13 - Lost Kingdom
ToAU14 - The Dolphin Crest
ToAU15 - The Black Coffin
ToAU16 - Ghosts of the Past
ToAU17 - Guests of the Empire
ToAU18 - Passing Glory
ToAU19 - Sweets for the Soul
ToAU20 - Teahouse Tumult
ToAU21 - Finders Keepers
ToAU22 - Shield of Diplomacy
ToAU23 - Social Graces
ToAU24 - Foiled Ambition
ToAU25 - Playing the Part

Watch ToAU_Part2

ToAU26 - Seal of the Serpent
ToAU27 - Misplaced Nobility
ToAU28 - Bastion of Knowledge
ToAU29 - Puppet in Peril
ToAU30 - Prevalence of Pirates
ToAU31 - Shades of Vengeance
ToAU32 - In the Blood

Watch ToAU_Part 3

ToAU33 - Sentinels' Honor
ToAU34 - Testing the Waters
ToAU35 - Legacy of the Lost
ToAU36 - Gaze of the Saboteur
ToAU37 - Path of Blood
ToAU38 - Stirrings of War
ToAU39 - Allied Rumblings
ToAU40 - Unraveling Reason

Watch ToAU_Part 4

ToAU41 - Light of Judgment
ToAU42 - Path of Darkness
ToAU43 - Fangs of the Lion
ToAU44 - Nashmeira's Plea
ToAU45 - Ragnarok
ToAU46 - Imperial Coronation
ToAU47 - The Empress Crowned
ToAU48 - Eternal Mercenary

Watch ToAU_Part 5


Aven said...

Amazing work. We (The FFXI community) have been wanting this type of thing for years. I'm especially thankful for the ToAU section. I finished all the missions and quit before AU came out, so I never got a chance to see them.

lawtechguy said...

Glad you like them!

Koryo said...

Thank you so much! I've been wanting to see the various stories from FFXI again for a long time.